Cougar dating


Still not convinced by our Cougar Dating homepage? Then read on...

1. Cougars have more life experience.

This is important, it means they won?t fool around with other guys behind your back or mess you around like young girls do.

2. Cougars are driven.

Most cougars have given up relationships in favour of jobs and careers, this means when you are dating a cougar you don?t have to worry about money or paying for meals or anything like that. Cougars are usually in high powered jobs and are well paid. Cougars feel lucky to have a young toy boy on their arm and will do anything to keep them...

3. They take better care of themselves.

Cougars have lived and will probably have given up the all night drinking and smoking in favour of taking care of themselves. Cougar dating allows you to spend intimate time with a woman who looks her best and take real care over their appearance.

4. Cougars are full of confidence.

Cougars have had time to live with themselves and get used to their body. Cougars don?t ask you to ?turn the light off? or ?stop doing that?. Dating a cougar just lets you get down to business and start having no strings fun straight away.

5. They are more experienced in the bedroom.

Dating a cougar can lead to one of the best sexual relations you will ever have. Cougars are commanding and dominating and have years of experience behind them. Most people strive to please their sexual partners as it gives them a sense of power and pride. Cougars tend to be very direct when telling a toyboy what they want sexually. This makes it easier for the toyboy to please the cougar and feel good about himself. Plus good sex is one of the most important things for casual fun or no strings relationships.

A Cougar Dates idea of a toyboy

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