Cougar dating

Top Five Toyboy Tips

Sexy older women are on the prowl in your area right now trying to sniff out a toyboy. If you're reading this, the chances are you want to know two things. 1. Where can I find them? And 2. How can you get what you want from them?

Well, the first answer is simple, just find your cougar in our Cougar Dating database, it's as easy as that. The second part is down to you. Once you have arranged your hookup, you need to impress, and our cougars know what they want! Follow these simple tips to have a cougar date you'll never forget.

1. Look the part

There is a simple reason cougars are after younger men, they are in their prime and they know what it means to look good. You don't have to be an underwear model to make a good impression, just look smart, a crisp shirt will do but lose the tie, it helps to set a more relaxed tone.

2. Location Location Location

So, you have met your cougar and arranged to meet up. It's down to you to pick where the date will be and you need to get this right, but don't worry. There are loads of great places you can go. Don't go anywhere too noisy or young, you want to make her feel 20 years younger, and surrounding her with people half her age wont do that! If you have already got down to the nitty gritty online, then you might be safer going straight to the hotel room. I told you these women know what they want!

3. Bridge the Gap

It's not always easy to hold conversation with the opposite sex at the best of times, never mind when there is a potential age gap. Try to talk about things you are both interested in; make sure you read her online profile before you meet up. No matter what you both want from the evening, if you can't hold a decent conversation you wont get it.

4. Don't interrogate

It is proven that talking slowly and softly is more attractive to women of a certain age as it shows their toyboy is confident above their years. Don't ask too many questions, be a good listener instead.

5. Don't Go Dutch

If you have decided to for a meal or out for drinks it's always a good idea to offer to pay, they may insist on sharing but you should always offer. Remember these women may have been in a drawn out relationship and are looking to be whisked off their feet, nothing does that better than footing the bill, but try not to look flashy or like you are showing off.

A Cougar Dates idea of a toyboy

Look good on your cougar date and you're half way there!

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