Cougar Town Bloopers: Season 1

Just thought we’d have a look through some YouTube videos and the Cougar Town bloopers in season 1 had us in stitches. Check out the video below from the award winning television program.

Cougar Town started in 2009 and captured a quite unique audience of cougars that can relate to what Jules Cobb and her friends are after. It is one of our favourite TV series and has been a success in both the US and UK. We can’t wait for the new season!




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Cougar Dating -The perfect 10 – or is it?

Whilst doing some research for our latest blog posts we came across this image:

Whats your ideal?


We found it very interesting that men prefer a size 12 woman rather than a size 8, but still prefer a couple of sized down from the national average. So with the ideal shape from a Womans point of view being a very skinny size 8, women at the moment are actually curvier than ever. Good news for our Toy boys who like a little bit of meat on the bone.

So what is the perfect size for a cougar? We have Cougars and Toyboys of all different shapes and sizes so what ever you’re after, be it a busty size 16 or an athletic size 8 to take out on your Cougar Dating we have them, what are you waiting for!


The Daily Cougar: Courteney Cox

This is our new section – Daily Cougar. We are going to be posting some of the best cougars around at the moment, famous or otherwise. Feel free to give us suggestions and send us some pics of your cougars, and if you are looking for cougar dating then drop us a line!

Today’s cougar is Courteney Cox, famous for her role in Cougar Town she has blended real life and her character life by dating David Arquette who is 8 years her junior. Is this your kind of cougar???

Our cougar dating database is full of horny cougars ready to teach you a thing or two.

courteney cox cougar dating

Our daily cougar has blossomed

She is one of our favourite cougars and has been catching our eye since she jumped onto our screens as part of the Friends cast. As the series’ went on Courteney Cox only got hotter and I think we all remember the episode where she was getting ready for her wedding day and you could see her nipples through her top!


If you think Courteney makes it into your top 10 then leave a comment and let us know who else you’d like to see on our daily cougar feature.

Harry Styles – A Cougar Dating Pro

Good news to all of you budding toy boys out there. Harry Styles from One Direction is famously hooking up with older women left right and center, planting the seen in the brains of cougars everywhere thay they too could be dating their very own Harry Styles. Harry, 18, hooked up with 32 year old cougar Lucy Horobin, unfortunately for them there was one snag, Lucy was married!

A married woman can be a big turn on for our Toyboys and there are a lot of cougars over at our cougar dating site that are either in an open marriage or a loveless one looking to trade in for a younger model. So if you’re looking to emulate Harry and find an older woman then what are you waiting for! Follow our twitter or our Facebook to keep in the loop and sign up here.

What Makes a Cougar?

Our Cougar Dating site has thousands of cougars of all different shapes and sizes, perfect for the picky Toyboy. But what makes a cougar? Well, there is no definitive set of criteria to answer this question, but it’s generally considered to be an older woman who is looking for a younger man to date or have some fun with. Redheads, blondes, brunettes, big chests or small athletic bodies, we have them all!

Not all of our cougars look like the cast of Desperate Housewives although a lot of them do!

Cougar Dating

So whatever your personal preference in cougars is we are confident you will find them at If you are a newcomer here then check out our Toy boy Jason’s Diary – The Diary of a Toyboy to get a taste of what it could be like for you!


Jason’s Diary – A Cougar Dating pro

One of our premium toy boy members recently sent us an email, saying he has started a diary of his cougar dating lifestyle.

Here is his first entry:

“After an interchange of naughty messages between Melanie and myself, I suggested that we should meet up for a drink and put a cougar to to the profile. She looked pretty on her pictures but I thought “bugger me” when she walked through the door of the hotel bar. She was SMOKING HOT!!! When we sat down to have a chat she grabbed my knee and slid her hand up my thigh, she suggested that we take the drinks to our room for more “privacy”. She was a good few years older and wiser than me…..  Need I say anymore….. ? I can’t wait to meet another mind blowing cougar on!

Thanks guys,

Jason (one happy toy boy)”


More from Jason’s Diary soon….

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

We are really busy at Cougar Dating and are trying to match hundreds of sexy cougars up for dates, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! We know what you are looking for and are working non  stop to deliver the best matches for our members. We thought we’d update you with some of the stuff going on and maybe it’ll encourage you to get involved and find a cougar tonight!

You’re sneaky peek at Cougar Dating

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  • Our YouTube channel is packed full of new videos that we thought you might be interested in and includes a sneaky peek at some videos of cougars
  • Check out our new Facebook page for a rundown of all the highlights from our blog and a few extra pics of our favourites!

Watch this space

If you are looking through our database and aren’t sure whether you want to meet any of our hot cougars yet (why?!) then just kick back and browse everything we have on offer on the site. We will keep you entertained.

Au Naturel: Fake vs Real Breasts…

There comes a time in every Cougars life when nature takes her toll on the body. For men who like the more busty ladies this becomes a slightly bigger problem, the breasts go south, so is i better au naturel or a little bit more enhanced??

It’s not in the nature of your average cougar to grow old gracefully, and as the years increase, so does the temptation of taking a drastic measure to prevent the breast ‘saggery’.

A lot of men find a fake breast less attractive than a au naturel one but delve a little deeper into the psychological factors and they may change their minds. Think about it…. if a hot 40 something woman catches your eye on a Cougar Date it’s going to play into your hands if she feels as sexy as possible. If she is proud of her new chest and feels confident in her body then your chances of having a great time together are massively increased!

So we want your opinions on au naturel! Leave a comment below and tell us what you prefer and why!

How to Snag a Cougar

First of all, when dating a cougar it is really important to look good for her; she is with you for your looks and youth so play to these strengths, you can find out how to snag a cougar in some simple steps!


Cougars tend to be more confident than young toyboys as they have experience. It is really important to be as confident as her otherwise she might get bored. Make sure you are not arrogant though, a cougar can sniff arrogance a mile away.


Cougars take really good care of themselves and spend a lot of effort doing so. They do this to make themselves attractive to toy boys, so when you are out cougar dating give them a few compliments, but nothing too over the top. The fact you are with her is making her happy and making her look good.

At iCougar Dating we don’t it is too wise to give cougars lots of gifts. They are not as impressed with them as young girls and would probably be used to getting gifts. If you start giving presents to cougars, they will likely start expecting them often and this can hurt your long game.


Don’t mention long term relationships or being exclusive with a cougar. You are both in it for no strings sex and casual fun. You will put her off and ruin it for yourself. Make sure you have plenty of sex and keep things casual.


Don’t stay with the same cougar too long. Older women are still seeking their prince charming deep down; if you keep going back for more she may eventually want something serious. You are her toy boy, you do not want a relationship. Keep it casual sex and get out afterwards.

Welcome to the Cougar Blog

Welcome to our brand new Cougar Dating blog, and what better way to start our cougar blog than with one of the classic older women that toyboys just love. How would you feel if a cougar like this ended up on your date? Why not go and find your own Vorderman on the homepage and take her on a Cougar Date.

Want to hear more from our cougar blog?

Simply leave a comment on the cougar blog to tell us what you wanna see on our and what pics of sexy cougars you want us to post. Love to hear from you… and so would they!

If you haven’t checked out our database of sexy cougars then what are you waiting for? We have thousands of older women who are after a confident and hot guy ready to keep them young. It is quick and easy to sign up and you can have access to no strings attached cougars who want to meet up with you NOW!